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Streamline Pen Kits

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Streamline Pen Kits

The Streamline twist pen kits make functional pens that are suitable for everyday use at the home or office. Their ergonomic 12mm diameter will fit comfortably into your grip for effortless writing. A simple yet attractive pen with a ringed centreband and tapered pen clip.

If you've already been making other 7mm pen kits, all you need is a new set of bushings to add the Streamline to your repertoire. The process for making a Streamline pen is straightforward, requiring the same pen turning techniques as other 7mm pen kits.

Note: These pen kits don't include a pen blank. Choose a blank for your pen from our range of beautiful pen blanks.

Streamline pen kits are easy for woodturners at all levels to make, using basic straight cuts on the lathe. These pen kits are a great choice for new pen turners because the skills learned making them can be easily transferred to more advanced woodturning projects.

Pen turning tools required for Streamline Pen Kits: