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Gentlemen Pen Kits

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Gentlemen Pen Kits

The Gentlemen's pen kits are sophisticated executive desk pens that feature stylish accents on the center band and pen cap.

You will enjoy effortless writing with one of the finest executive pens on the market, showing your class with every stroke. Gentlemen's pen kits are available as ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen kits and may have postable caps (cap screws onto the back of the pen) or non-postable caps.

Note: these pen kits don't include a pen blank. Choose a blank for your pen from our range of beautiful pen blanks.

Create elegant Ballpoint-Rollerball- Fountain sets by matching one of each type for executive and corporate gifts.

Pen turning tools required for Gentlemen Pen Kits: