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Candor Pen Kits

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Candor Pen Kits

With a simple, clear and straightforward design these kits produce pens than are lovely to look at and comfortable to hold.

In terms of pen making, these kits provides a welcome alternative to the standard slimline pens. Each kit contains slimline pen tubes but a wider centreband which makes for a more substantial pen.

Note: These kits don't include a pen blank. Choose a blank for your pen from our range of beautiful pen blanks.

These Professional Grade Candor pen kits are manufactured using the finest quality materials and are individually quality checked during the manufacture process to bring you a high quality product.

The Candor pen kits are a great choice for experienced and new turners. They use the common 7mm pen tube size and the tools used to make these kits can be used for many different pen types.

Pen turning tools required for Candor Pen Kits: