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Bolt Action Tec-Pen Kits

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Bolt Action Tec-Pen Kits

Based on the ever popular Bolt-Action pen kit, this new Bolt-Action Tec-Pen Kit offers the same bolt-action system but with elegant, comfortable features.

The Bolt Tec is for the individual who enjoys a classy gadget pen. The kit contains both an end cap and a capacitive stylus tip for use on touch screen devices giving you the option to use either when assembling.

A single-barrel pen that is a pleasure to turn using straight cuts on the lathe.

Note: These pen kits don't include pen blanks. Choose a blank for your pen from our range of beautiful pen blanks.

Pen turning tools required for the Bolt-Action Tec-Pen Kit: