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Bolt Action Pen Kits

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Bolt Action Pen Kits

These premium quality 30 calibre bullet cartridge pen kits with their bolt-action click mechanism will appeal to hunters, target shooters and military enthusiasts.

The design is based on the first Bolt-Action rifle designed by Jean Von Dreyse in 1829. The realistic bolt-action handle (which can be adjusted for left or right handed operation) advances and retracts smoothly to lock the refill in place. The styled rifle clip and replica 30 caliber cartridge with a rose gold bullet tip add authenticity to this unique pen.

All components of this premium quality pen kit are precision engineered for reliability and smooth operation, ensuring that the pen can be used as a functional writing instrument that will draw the admiration of many.

With just one barrel, this pen is a joy to make and uses simple straight cuts on the lathe.

Note: These pen kits don't include pen blanks. Choose a blank for your pen from our range of beautiful pen blanks.

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