Rhodesian Teak Wood Pen Blank

Rhodesian Teak, also known as African Teak, is an attractive hardwood with a red-brown colour. Rhodesian Teak wood pen blanks turn well due to the hardness of the wood and the intricate spotty grain makes beautiful pens.

Pen blank dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 150mm

These pen blanks have not been stabilised.

Note: Wood by nature is variable and blanks may vary from those pictured

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Product Specifications

Category20mm x 20mm x 150mm
Country of OriginSouthern Africa
Size20mm x 20mm x 150mm

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The Rhodesian Teak - Baikiaea plurijuga - is a small tree, that grows up to 15 metres in height.

Rhodesian Teak is a hard wood with a fine grain and has a high resistance to wear. It polishes well to a light lustre with superb depth and colour range. 

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