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Lemon Pen Blank

A polyester rod pen blank of vibrant lemon yellow laced with strands of white. This rod pen blank is 150mm long with a 20mm diameter and is suitable for most pens, including long pens or those with large diameters.

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Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
SizeRod 150mm long x 20mm diameter
ShadeBright / Lumo

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These acrylic rods are made by casting thermoset polyester plastic resin in tubes and have a deep pearl effect, producing a vibrant and distinctive appearance when finished. This durable material is non-toxic and is perfect for pen making on a lathe and can be turned into breathtaking works of art. Polyester blanks are safe for drilling and turning on a wood lathe provided the tools are sharp.

Turning Polyester can be difficult if you are using it for the first time.

Some notes on turning Polyester:

  • Use very sharp tools and gentle light cuts are needed to keep chipping to a minimum.
  • A negative-rake scraper produces the cleanest chip-free finish followed closely by a skew chisel used as a scraper. A regular scraper has a tendency to create small chips. 
  • It is important to engage the tool on the rest, rub the bevel and slowly lift until cutting starts every time. Acrylics are unforgiving of careless cutting

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