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Showing 1 - 30 of 57 items
Pen Blanks

Pen Kits Direct holds a large selection of wood and acrylic pen blanks. Use our powerful pen blank filter to find the perfect pen blank for your pen turning project.

Acrylic Pen Blanks

Choose your perfect pen blank from our acrylic pen blank range offering a rainbow full of colour and variety. Our large stock of polyester and acrylic acetate (poly methyl methacrylate) pen blanks will ensure that you always have fresh options to match to your pen kits.

Our range of acrylic pen blanks include the following:

Wood Pen Blanks

Choose from our large range of African and Australian wood pen blanks and make amazing handmade wooden pens that show up the natural beauty of wood.

Our range of wood pen blanks is sourced from the harsh environments of Africa and Australia, where one can experience floods and droughts, extremely high and low temperatures and still humidity as well as gale force winds. The trees growing in such harsh environments adapt to the climate and the extremes cause the wood to develop amazing grains with unmatched depth and beauty. Although our wood pen blanks are cut from sustainable sources, many of them are rare woods and some have very limited supply.

Our wood pen blanks have been properly dried before cutting and are cut and planed to a very high quality, making them ideal for both beginner and professional pen makers.

Experience the beauty of turning pens from wood burls and figured woods. Choosing a quality wood pen blank is as much a part of pen making as actually turning the pen.

Faux Stone Pen Blanks

Faux stone pen blanks are made from crushed semi-precious stones set in an acrylic resin. These pen blanks are very hard, enabling you to make a durable pen that will keep its finish. They are also heavier than other pen blanks and will give your pen the feel of quality.

Casein Pen Blanks

Casein, also known as galalith, is made from milk protein and is a natural material that contains no artificial resin. Unlike resin it has more of the natural characteristics of real ivory. It is visually appealing and ideal for pen making. Because it is a natural product it does not have any of the toxic ingredients present in acrylic pen blanks. It turns well and ages over time, creating a beautiful pens with the appearance of natural ivory.