We denote our standard grade pen kits and products using a Std or Standard prefix or suffix. The grade is also listed in the Product Specifications table.

These pen kits match the quality characteristics of kits that are generally available from most suppliers.

Standard Grade pen kits are suitable for beginner pen turners as they are quite economical, making the learning experience affordable. Standard pen kits are also suitable for hobby pen turners or those who wish to make inexpensive gifts.

In general terms, pen kits and other products denoted as Standard Grade have an acceptable quality level for the hobby or enthusiast pen maker, but are not expected to be as durable or long-lasting as higher quality grades.


Our professional quality pen kits are denoted using the Pro or Professional prefix or suffix only in instances where we also stock another grade of the same pen type.

Professional Grade products are made to high quality standards across many dimensions, including the materials used and the quality of the manufacturing process and tooling used. They are also subjected to a higher level of quality control post manufacture to detect any problems before leaving the factory. Professional Grade products are generally of higher quality than similar products from discount manufacturers or retailers.

Professional Grade products are made to the standards expected by professionals and are preferred by experienced pen turners due to their better fit, smaller tolerances and overall quality feel. The durability of these items is better than the Standard Grade products.

For pen kits, this means that the components such as pen twist or click mechanisms, refills and plated items is high. This will result in a faster pen making process as a result of higher quality components with better fit than other versions.

In relation to tools such as drill bits, a top quality high speed tool steel has been used to manufacture the product and edges are sharpened to high specifications expected by professional users, which will result in a longer life before needing to be sharpened.


Our luxury grade pen kits are made to the same high standards as the Professional Grade pen kits, but are extravagantly decadent in their finishing touches, often adorned with crystals or other features that set them apart as items of luxurious excess.