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MT1 Big Grabber Closed-End Mandrel

The MT1 Big Grabber Closed-End Mandrel is used to mount and turn the following closed-end barrels: 10.5mm, 12.5mm and 9/16" on a lathe taking Morse Taper 1 fittings.

The system includes accessories used to make closed end kits (such as Majestic Jr and Olympian). These include: end bushings for 10.5mm, 12.5mm and 9/16" tubes, three 6" expansion hose bladders for projects, and a countersink bushing to help provide a recess for the refill end of the closed end pen.

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Country of OriginTaiwan
Morse TaperMT1

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Grabber Pen Mandrel with #1 Morse Taper

This big grabber pen mandrel is used for turning closed-end pens with diameters from 10mm to 14.28mm (9/16in) - these are pens that do not have a gold (or other plated) pen cap, but are closed at the back, being turned completely out of the wood or other material used to make the pen.

The grabber mandrel has a similar construction to the adjustable pen mandrel as it has a shaft and morse taper fitting. However, the shaft is threaded and a rubber tube is placed over the thread. An end-bushing is fitted to the tail end of the shaft and this holds the rubber tube on the shaft.

The barrel of the pen to be turned is placed over the end-bushing and the rubber tube on the mandrel shaft.

Behind the morse taper fitting there is a nut that is used to pull the shaft through the mandrel causing the rubber tube to expand and grip the barrel of the pen to be turned. This gripping action makes it possible for the closed end of the pen to be turned and finished without the necessity for a pen cap to be pressed into the back end of the pen, creating an attractive looking pen that has more wood (or other material ) than the conventional pen types.

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