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Pen Turning Bushings

Bushings are an essential tool required for pen turning. Each pen style requires its own bushings during the pen making process.

The bushings slide onto the pen mandrel and serve two purposes:

  • They grip the pen barrel whilst it is being turned on the lathe.
  • They provide a guide to the diameter to which the barrel edges must be turned to correctly fit the pen.

If the pen tube (that was glued into the pen blank) has a diameter larger than 7mm, the part of the bushing will fit into the pen tube, holding it centred whilst turning. If the pen tube is a 7mm pen tube, it fits neatly onto the pen mandrel and the bushing meets the edge of the pen.

One set of bushings for a particular type of pen can be used over and over again to make that type of pen - for example, one set of Slimline bushings can be used to make many Slimline pens over a long period of time.

When starting to make a new style of pen, you will need to invest in the correct bushings for that pen style once, but it is well worth it, since that bushing set can then be used to make many pens.

The product page of each pen kit provides a link to the correct bushings to use with that pen kit - if you are not sure whether you have the correct bushings for your pen kit, please ask us.